Not Too Late To Enjoy Summer BBQs With The Beer Can BBQ Basket

The summer is almost at an end, but it is not too late to enjoy a few more friendly barbeques outside! Grab some friends or family and a special arrangement from Great Gift Baskets and make the most of the last of the good weather. These last few weeks of summer are usually a time […]

Give a Fresh Fruit Basket to Celebrate Summer

Summer is a time of celebration, which means you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the next few weeks and months attending graduation parties or casual get-togethers with your friends and family – after all, there’s nothing more “summer” than a backyard barbecue! Instead of bringing that tired old pasta salad that everyone […]

Celebrate a New Bundle of Joy with a Basket

It’s so exciting when a new baby arrives, and while your first instinct might be to rush over there to spread some love on the new parents and baby, it’s usually best to curb your enthusiasm for a couple of days and let the new little family enjoy each other! While you’re waiting for all […]

Flames, Flicks and Fairways: Gifts for Father’s Day

On Sunday, June 19, people around the world and across Canada will celebrate their fathers and father figures with gifts and cards for Father’s Day. One of the best ways to thank fathers for everything they do is to give them a gift basket full of goods to last them past Father’s Day. Here are […]

Don’t Delay – Order Your Mother’s Day Basket Today!

Celebrating the importance of mothers on the second Sunday in May has been a tradition in Canada since 1915. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, wanted to dedicate a whole day in honor of mothers everywhere. Her efforts convinced the President Woodrow Wilson to create this national holiday in 1914, and in Canada, we […]

Behind the Scenes: An Artist in the Wings, Nicole Wilkinson

Sometimes you walk by a store and feel inspired or compelled to walk in just based on what you see in the window. Do you ever wonder who are the minds or artists behind some of the installations that we have in our store? Prepared to be inspired by one of our Artists in the […]

Gift Basket Ideas for the Valentine’s Day Holiday

As you frantically search the grocery store’s nearly empty card holders for the perfect Valentine’s Day card, you hopelessly wonder if there are any flowers left to take home to your sweetheart for the treasured holiday. Grabbing the last box of chocolate hearts on the shelf, you make your way to the check-out line, trying […]

Get a Fresh Start in the New Year

As we enter a new year, we also enter a new phase in our lives. The winter is a time of reflection and release, and the new year welcomes in a feeling of starting fresh, reinventing ourselves and striving to be better. There are no better gifts for either a belated Christmas present or a […]

Gifts for Him and Her

Beer Can Chicken

Buying gifts is always one of the most difficult aspects of the holidays. While you want to give your friends, family members and co-workers a great gift for the season, finding something to suit every person’s taste and interest is not an easy task. Instead of giving up and settling for a gift card this […]

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early this Year!

hot chocolate gift basket

When it comes to the holiday season, everyone has a different opinion about when they should hang their lights, put up stockings and decorate the tree. Regardless of if you pull out your decorations at the beginning of November or middle of December, there is one thing everyone likes to do early: Holiday shopping. Finding […]

Express Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving!

hot mama gift basket

The Thanksgiving holiday is only a week away and as the bustle of the holiday season begins, you are probably busy worrying about the dish you will make and whether you will visit your parents or your in-laws first. As busy as you are, the relative who is hosting the grand Thanksgiving feast is probably […]

Gear up for the 2015-2016 Season with a Calgary Flames Gift Basket

Calgary Flames Gift Basket

In a few short days, September will be here. While this month represents the beginning of a new school year and the changing of the seasons, it signals something else of great importance to Calgary Flames fans. The beginning of NHL preseason! From the cheering of the crowd to the chill you feel as you […]

Surprise Your Loved One with a Movie Gift Basket for Date Night

Surprise Your Loved One with a Movie Gift Basket for Date Night

Whether you want to say “thanks” or just show that you care, gifting a surprise date-night to your loved one is the best way to keep the romance alive. The saying goes that you should “never stop dating your husband or wife”. Continue to peruse your significant other the way you did in the beginning […]

Spa Gift Baskets For Him and Her

Spa Gift Baskets For Him and Her

Spa days are an occasion that everyone deserves, both men and women. A day at the spa is the perfect chance to rejuvenate, relax, unwind, and pamper your well-deserving self. Whether you relish in a massage, or enjoy aromatherapy, going to the spa is wonderful. When you think of the spa, what automatically comes to […]

Summer Flower Gift Baskets

Summer Flower Gift Baskets

One of the best things about the summer season is the flowers. New beautiful blooms sprout during the warm months that not only decorate, but they give off amazing aromas that help to get you in the mood for summer. A few of the most wonderful summer flowers include: Oriental Lily Dahlia Fragrant Gladiolus Calla […]

Welcome To Calgary Gift Baskets

Welcome To Calgary Gift Baskets

Calgary is one of Alberta’s cosmopolitan cities that serves as the center of Canada’s oil industry. Calgary is beloved for its western culture and has been rewarded the nickname of “cowtown”. With an abundant of skyscrapers, entertainment, and love for the Calgary Flames, this city is a wonderful place to be. For anyone new to […]

Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s day is rapidly approaching and you know that dad is always the most difficult person to shop for. Last years clothes never were worn, the shoes from the year before have yet to leave the box, and this year you’re under the gun to find out what will make the best present for Father’s […]

Giving Mom A Complete Gift For Mother’s Day 2015

Giving Mom A Complete Gift For Mother's Day 2015

Sunday May 10, 2015 marks a special occasion: Mother’s Day. While the love we feel for mom exists every day of the year, Mother’s Day is catered to just them for celebrating how wonderful they are to all the lives they touch. Pampering mom on Mother’s Day consists of doing exactly what she wants to […]

Sympathy Baskets For Loved Ones

Sympathy Baskets For Loved Ones

All too often life throws us a curve ball we least expected, which can bring about much sadness and grief. For those looking to comfort someone in need, sending the most appropriate, but heartfelt gift can be difficult to find.   Of course you’ll want to bring a little bit of brightness to someone who […]

Celebrating Administration Professionals Day With A Gift Basket

Celebrating Administration Professionals Day With A Gift Basket

April 22, 2015 marks Administration Professionals Day where employers and supervisors celebrate and give recognition to the hard work performed by administrative professionals. The celebration is actually a week long that began back during World War II when the need for administrative professionals increased dramatically. The criteria and experience required by such professionals has expanded […]

Welcoming A New Baby With A Beautiful Gift Basket

Welcoming A New Baby With A Beautiful Gift Basket

Babies are an absolute bundle of joy. Their soft skin, wrinkly hands and feet, and cherub cheeks are simply irresistible! The impending arrival is one of great anticipation for the to-be parents. When the baby arrives, there is a good chance that the new parents will want to spend the first few weeks at home […]

Time to Start Thinking About Your Christmas Shopping List!

Now that we are well into the first week of November, it seems like the holidays are on just about everyone’s minds these days. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun for many people and we’d say that there’s no better time than now to begin crossing a few names off your shopping lists. The […]

Time to Start Planning Your Corporate Holiday Shopping List!

While corporate gift giving isn’t a requirement by any means, most working professionals would agree that it’s a kind gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed. However, you never want to be that person who puts no thought into their gift and believes that the recipients should just be happy that you got them anything at all. […]

Show Your Appreciation This Thanksgiving!

With the Thanksgiving holiday roughly three weeks away, now is the time that most people start thinking about where they will be dining and what they will be bringing to the table. However, let’s not forget that this is also a day to give thanks for all that we have and the people in our […]

Cultural Differences In Gift Giving

While the act of giving someone a gift is simply seen as a goodwill gesture or act of kindness in some countries, it is seen as a necessary precursor to establishing a business partnership with someone in others. Not only that, but there are a number of different countries throughout the word that have specific […]

Gift Baskets Make for the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Did you know that more babies arrive during the month of September than any other month? Just behind that is August, which means that you could already have quite a few baby showers in the books this summer.  Have you picked out your gift yet? If not, no worries – you have plenty of time […]

Are You Prepared for the Calgary Stampede?

It’s safe to say summer is here and the days are just flying by. Before you know it, July will be here and the fun in Calgary will be in full swing. The Calgary Stampede takes over the city beginning July 4 and will extend through July 13. Embrace your Calgary pride and mark your […]

The Perfect Treat for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and you are probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for the greatest man in your life. The last thing your father needs is another set of tools or a clothing item of his favorite sports team. Surprise your father this June with a customized gift basket! A basket […]

Shopping for Mother’s Day? Think Gift Baskets!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many individuals are currently racking their brains trying to think of the best and most appropriate gift for that special woman in their life. Gift baskets are unique in that they can be personalized to suit not only the occasion, but the preferences of your own mother. […]

Administrative Professionals Deserve Gourmet Gift Baskets!

There is a holiday to celebrate almost anything these days. From bacon to bosses, every person, place or thing gets their very own celebration one day out of the year and Administrative Professionals are no exception. This group of hardworking professionals is honored on April 23rd so it is time to start thinking about what […]

Corporate Gifts are our Business

Giving a gift in the corporate world is a business all in itself. Whether it is a gift of thanks to a client or to recognize an employee’s achievements, a gift can help enhance and establish critical relationships within the company. The options available when it comes to corporate gifting are limitless, but there is […]

Kick Cold and Flu Season to the Curb with a Get Well Gift Basket!

We are officially in the thick of winter weather and if you have managed to remain your good health thus far, than you should consider yourself lucky! Right about now is the time that we usually see the majority of our friends, family members and coworkers come down with some type of illness. It’s come […]

Your Gift Baskets Will Be Home For Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner but don’t be alarmed, there is still plenty of time to ensure delivery of your basket in time for the holiday! Custom gift baskets make great gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list; the chocolate lover, the health nut, the wine connoisseur and more! Our specialty Christmas baskets […]

The Holiday Season is Getting Closer! Have You Placed Your Gift Order Yet?

As we discussed in our last post, the holiday season is quickly approaching, which means one thing: time to start checking things off on your holiday shopping list! Now while some loved ones may be extremely easy to buy for, we all have that one person (or couple of people) that just seems like they […]

Plan Ahead and Order Early for Christmas!

We know a lot of people have their own personal preferences when it comes to how early to start playing Christmas music, when to hang the lights or when to start putting up the tree, but when it comes to holiday shopping I think we can all agree on one thing: the sooner the better. […]

Show Appreciation for Those in Your Office with our Corporate Gift Baskets!

In the past, we’ve discussed how our gourmet gift baskets could serve as a great gesture towards potential clients and business partners. While that notion still remains true, we feel as though that level of thoughtfulness could also be appreciated inside the walls of your own office. Whether it be for your employees or your […]

Baby Gift Baskets are Multiple Gifts Wrapped into One Beautiful Package!

Babies are the most special and beautiful addition to any family. So for those who are friends and family members of the luckily parents-to-be, it’s normal to want to be a part of that process and to offer up your love and advice and of course, gifts for the new baby! We think that just […]

Get Inspired by The Calgary Stampede and Embrace your Western Pride!

If you haven’t had a chance to get out to the 2013 Calgary Stampede, you have until the end of this weekend, so clear your schedules! The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, as it is so fondly referred to as, will come to a close on Sunday, July 14th after the nightly Out of the […]

Celebrating Canada Day with a Great Gift Basket!

In just a couple of weeks on July 1st, all of Canada will be out and about celebrating Canada Day! The reason why we love this holiday so much is because it gives us an opportunity to commend our country and reflect on all that was done to bring us to where we are today. […]

Lots of Great Gift Baskets for Father’s Day!

  Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 16th this year, which means that before you know it, it will be sneaking up on you! Any thought as to what you’re going to get Dad yet? Probably not. You see, many people are convinced that it’s much more difficult to shop for a man than it […]

Corporate Gift Baskets are Perfect for Closing the Deal

  As most of you can probably relate, we couldn’t even begin to describe how many pens we have from big-name companies over the years.  Eager to persuade us to buy their product or service, or even to do business, businesses will offer up pens, t-shirts, ball caps and more, all stamped with their company […]

A Unique and Personalized Gift for Mother’s Day!

  May 12th is Mother’s Day and personally, we believe that moms deserve even a ton of love and gratitude from their children and grandchildren for everything they do on a day to day basis. That being said, gift baskets in particular, can be a great way for you to celebrate mom this year!   […]

Great Gift Baskets: Unique and Personalized Bridal and Wedding Gifts

  Spring is here and summer is soon to arrive, which makes it the season for all sorts of celebrations – especially weddings and bridal showers. Bridal shower games are quite the tradition; they offer the bride and her bridal party a fun way to relax and relieve some of the stress of the upcoming […]

The Ultimate Easter Basket

Easter Sunday is just a few weeks away and while your first instinct may be to go for the usual bundle of plastic grass and chocolates in the shape of the Easter Bunny, there are so many more options available to you! A great way to make this year even better than the last is […]

Finding a Gift for Family Day

Did you know that nearly 2/3 of Canadians live in a region where Family Day is recognized and celebrated?  Beginning in 1990, Family Day has its origins in Alberta, but has since spread to many other provinces.  The premier of Alberta, Don Getty, had the idea for the holiday after he realized all Canadians should […]

Customize any holiday with a unique gift basket

2012 is winding down.  Did you give someone a gift basket?  This Christmas season, food gift baskets were very popular.  In Lake County, California, community volunteers pooled their time and effort together and distributed more than 700 food gift baskets to families in need.  You can read the inspiring story here.   Putting together a […]

Need a quick gift idea? Holiday gift baskets are a sure thing

Fellow Canadians, how’re you doing?  Christmas is only 11 days away.  It’ll be here before you know it.  Did you buy all of your gifts?  Did you cross off all the names on your list?  Chances are, no.  You’re not quite done yet.  You still have shopping to do and we’re here to help.  Have […]

Gift Giving For Acquaintances: Guys Like Gift Baskets Too!

    Men will often purchase items as the need or want for them arises, making gift giving a nightmare. How do you find an appropriate gift for someone you barely know or someone who wants for nothing? The common confusion is often in purchasing gifts for male acquaintances or colleagues, and not situations where you […]

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